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Climate Ready Barcelona

Empowering citizens for climate justice
Climate Ready Barcelona és un projecte destinat a donar suport a la ciutadania i l'administració de Barcelona

Climate Ready Barcelona is a project aimed at supporting the citizens and public institutions of Barcelona in anticipating and adapting to climate change effects and its related energy crisis.

The project set sail in 2023, and during the span of 2 years it will be working on developing and implementing new tools to optimize Barcelona’s municipal Energy Advisory Centres (EAC) in their support services aimed at guaranteeing access to energy rights by citizens in vulnerable situations, as well as to help policy makers to develop informed decisions in relation to the effects of the climate crisis.

We work to find solutions to the energy and climate crisis in Barcelona

My energy app

The development of new functionalities for My Energy App, which is a tool used by Barcelona’s Energy Advisory Centers (EACs) designed to communicate and provide support to citizens affected by energy vulnerability.

BCN housing vulnerability map

The production of a housing vulnerability map of Barcelona to identify specific characteristics that influence the impact of climate change and the use of energy in different neighborhoods.

Policy recommendations

The creation of a set of political recommendations based on the lessons learned from the implementation of the My Energy App and the Climate Vulnerability Map, aimed at promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in housing policies and to support building energy rehabilitation programs and energy sovereignty plans.

Who does this project want to help?
Who benefits from it?

Climate Ready Barcelona is directed to:

Llars en risc de vulnerabilitat climàtica i energètica

Climate and Energy-Vulnerable Households

The climate vulnerability map will provide valuable information for decision-making and interventions aimed at improving the climate resilience and energy efficiency of these homes.



They will benefit from the results of the two pilots (My Energy App and Climate Vulnerability Map) and the project’s lessons learned, allowing a better understanding of the impacts of climate change and guaranteeing sovereignty and energy rights.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona City Council

The project’s results and recommendations guide the City Council’s decision-making processes regarding policies and interventions aimed at anticipating and adapting to the effects of climate change.

Punts d'Assessorament Energètic (PAEs) i professionals

Energy Advice Centres (EAC)

The EACs and the professionals who work there will be able to improve the services provided thanks to the new functionalities of the My Energy App.

Responsables de polítiques públiques i Organitzacions de la Societat Civil (OSC)

Policymakers and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

They are key in the decision-making processes related to climate change. Their involvement will be important in shaping policies and interventions against climate inequality, thus guaranteeing the right to energy and health.



The use of new technologies and methodologies such as linked data frameworks, AI-based applications and data-driven policy recommendations will contribute to generating knowledge and understanding in these areas, opening the door to future studies.

This project is a collaboration of: