About the project - Climate Ready Barcelona
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About the project

What is Climate Ready Barcelona about?

Climate Ready Barcelona is a European project that aims to help citizens and administrations to prepare and adapt to the effects of climate change and the energy crisis.

The project will work on technological solutions to improve the current Barcelona’s energy advisory services, aiming at tackling energy and climate vulnerability at a municipal level.

The tools created by the project will also serve to raise awareness about climate change and to help policymakers make informed decisions to adapt Barcelona city to its effects.

El projecte Climate Ready Barcelona

Through the generation of tools that collect, analyse and improve data on the climate and energy vulnerability, Climate Ready Barcelona will be able to offer useful information to the Energy Advice Centres (EAC) and the Barcelona City Council, while improving the service of EACs to guarantee citizens’ right to energy and support public bodies in the development of building energy rehabilitation policies and energy sovereignty plans.


Climate Ready Barcelona started in 2023 and will last until 2025 to provide the following solutions and proposals

My Energy App

The development of new functionalities for My Energy App, which is a tool used by Barcelona’s Energy Advisory Centers (EACs) designed to communicate and provide support to citizens affected by energy vulnerability.

BCN housing vulnerability map

The production of a housing vulnerability map of Barcelona to identify specific characteristics that influence the impact of climate change and the use of energy in different neighborhoods.

Policy recommendations

The creation of a set of political recommendations based on the lessons learned from the implementation of the My Energy App and the Climate Vulnerability Map, aimed at promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in housing policies and to support building energy rehabilitation programs and energy sovereignty plans.

By improving EACs’ energy advisory services, creating a climate vulnerability map and compiling policy recommendations, Climate Ready Barcelona aims to facilitate sustainable and proactive measures to mitigate the impacts of climate change and the energy crisis in the city of Barcelona.

Who is participating in the project?

Climate Ready Barcelona is a European project with the participation and collaboration of the following organizations:

Climate Ready Barcelona is financed by Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) with the support of Google