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Mapa de vulnerabilitat climàtica

Climate vulnerability map

Climate Ready Barcelona's Climate Vulnerability Map is a tool built to support and guide the municipal administration of Barcelona in making decisions aimed at tackling energy and climate vulnerability.

The Climate Vulnerability Map is an interactive and comprehensive interface that visually represents the geographical distribution of the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) in Barcelona’s municipality. This index, created specifically for this project, is built on the integration and analysis of different indicators that assess energy and climate vulnerability in Barcelona, and compare it across different areas of the city. The variables considered include energy consumption, climate data, socio-economic data and building information.

Therefore, the map shows the areas or populations that are most susceptible to climate change impacts, providing valuable information for policymakers and planners to make informed decisions to enhance resilience and prioritize adaptation strategies for the city.

Mapa vulnerabilitat climatica

More specifically, the map will provide the Barcelona’s municipal housing department with a very detailed diagnosis of the climate-vulnerable areas where to support energy renovation plans. It will be used as evidence to identify those areas and collectives in most of climate adaptation and mitigation, support, and resources (climate shelters, water sources, green areas…), allowing the development of an Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation in collaboration with the Climate Change Office of the Municipality of Barcelona.