Building collaborations: Climate Ready Barcelona meets with municipal services to identify synergies for tackling energy poverty - Climate Ready Barcelona
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Building collaborations: Climate Ready Barcelona meets with municipal services to identify synergies for tackling energy poverty

2 min

On March 12, Climate Ready Barcelona (CR BCN) partners met with the representatives of several agencies and departments of the Barcelona Municipality. The goal of the meeting was to identify which were the needs of the administration that could be satisfied by My Energy App and the Climate Vulnerability map, as well as learning which information and data can be collected from the administration to be used in the development of the CR BCN’s products.

The event took place in Torre Jussana with the participation of around 20 people fromEcoserveis, ABD, Bitgenoma, CIMNE, the Barcelona’s City Council and the Social Rights Area, the Climate Change and Sustainability Office, the Barcelona Local Agency of Energy, the Public Health Agency of Barcelona and representatives from the EACs.

The session started with a presentation about My Energy App and the Climate Vulnerability map that the team is working on. Then the attendees focused on what these products could offer to the municipal services to improve their attention to citizens and to improve public plans and policies. It was also discussed what information and useful data these bodies and departments could provide for the operation of the app and the vulnerability map. Some examples of the functionalities discussed were: obtaining disaggregated data on vulnerability and energy poverty, predicting the likelihood of a resident from a particular building needing social services, planning shaded routes to climate shelters, identifying potential rehabilitation and self-consumption interventions, and creating an index to assess how climate affects health. The municipal services offered to add criteria for rehabilitation, data from energy poverty related to youth and distributed by areas and neighborhoods, temperature risks, mobility data by neighborhood and potential users of the EACs, among others.

Through a collaborative dynamic, the professionals from the CR BCN team and the municipal services pointed out some challenges: from identifying people in vulnerable situation, to getting more information about the use and characteristics of climate shelters, being able to have a simulation of the heat demand of a building and obtaining real time data to nurture the Surveillance System of Climate Change and Health and being able to reduce bureaucracy and broaden the transparency of the EACs.

In this co-creation session, another relevant step has been taken to make My Energy App and the vulnerability map a reality, leading towards a more climate-resilient Barcelona and bringing new opportunities and tools to fight energy poverty.