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Connecting and sharing: A busy springtime for Climate Ready Barcelona

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The project was presented at the EPAH Lunch Talk, at the Sustainable Energy Forum and at the Professional Association of Engineers

Between March and May, the Climate Ready Barcelona project was presented in three events that helped us contact and exchange experiences with different stakeholders, from public administrations to professionals from energy-related fields.

Participation at the EPAH’s seminars

The first one was the participation at the seminars of the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH), an EU funded project aimed at eradicating energy poverty and accelerating a fair energy transition in the European local governments.

On March 12, Aniol Esquerra, from Ecoserveis, joined the 13th edition of the EPAH Lunch Talk, a cycle of seminars organised to allow different local actors to come together and learn from each other. Under the title “Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Alleviating Energy Poverty”, the Climate Ready Barcelona project was presented in front of 70 very interested attendees that included local administration, local workers and technicians, civil organizations and other stakeholders.

Presenting the Climate Ready Barcelona initiative in front of various EU local authorities and energy poverty agents and entities was a must, feeding the knowledge transfer hub that EPAH represents and promoting a potential replication of the Climate Ready Barcelona in other municipalities.

Sustainable Energy Forum

Later, Climate Ready Barcelona was one of the projects included in the Sustainable Energy Forum on April 26, focused on Urban Climate Resilience.

Jordi Cipriano, from CIMNE, took part in the second roundtable about the challenges posed by climate adaptation. He explained the creation process of the climate vulnerability map, which uses AI to identify and predict the impacts of climate change on the neighborhoods of Barcelona. This map provides valuable information for policymakers and planners to make informed decisions to enhance resilience and prioritize adaptation strategies for the city.

The event also served as the final conference for the European projects Cooltorise and Climate Pact, in which ABD and Ecoserveis are also participating in addressing climate-related issues.

Exchange with the Industrial Engineers of Catalonia Association

The last event, titled “Use of AI to identify and prevent energy poverty”, took place on May 14 and was organized by the Energy, Climate Change, Circular Economy and Digital Transformation Commissions of the Industrial Engineers of Catalonia Association (EIC), where Bitgenoma is an active member.

The event was an opportunity to discuss the use of AI to identify and prevent energy poverty and to address the effects of climate change. It was a productive session where we shared the progress of the Climate Ready Barcelona project and exchanged experiences and ideas for collaboration with engineering professionals.

During the presentation, the possibility of extrapolating the Climate Ready Barcelona project to other municipalities was brought up and a discussion about how technology can help improve service efficiency and strategic decision-making was fostered.

The event closed with the interventions of Sònia Fuertes, Social Action Commissioner of the Barcelona City Council, and Carles Campuzano, Councilor for Social Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya. They emphasized the need for public and private collaboration and the importance of maintaining a humane and ethical perspective in the use of technology to guarantee energy rights.