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My Energy App

My Energy App is a service provided by the Energy Advisory Centers (EACs) aimed at providing a more direct and easy method of communication between the users and the EACs’ consultants.

What are the Barcelona’s Energy Advisory Centers (EACs)?

Barcelona has 12 Energy Advisory Centers (EAC) around the city owned by the Municipality of Barcelona, coordinated by Associació Ecoserveis and Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament (ABD) and managed by different organizations.

The EACs were first established in 2017 by the Municipality of Barcelona. They are a free public service assisting all citizens, and especially energy-poor citizens, in ensuring the preservation of their energy rights. In addition, the EACs also act as information hubs for citizens in relation to Barcelona’s energy retrofitting program and their linked subsidies.

What will Climate Ready Barcelona do with My Energy App?

Climate Ready Barcelona will develop new functionalities for My Energy App with the aim of improving EACs’ services and help EACs’ users in processing and solving their energy-related demands, allowing a telematic, fast and easy assistance for, thus culminating in a more efficient system to tackle energy and climate vulnerability in Barcelona.

The new features of the app will allow the EAC’s users to be notified of deadlines and important events (including weather alerts and administrative alerts), to download and upload information and documents to complete proceedings, to schedule meetings with the consultants, and to pose questions and access contact information. More specifically, the app will feature a private user area where the users will be able to participate in vulnerability surveys and monitor ongoing challenges as well as their status, receive automated notifications for recurring tasks, access a historical record of these notifications, and receive personalized citizen attention notices based on user characteristics, such as age and address, informing about heatwaves and availability of nearby climate shelters, among others. In addition, it will include a private area for the EAC professionals to follow up the attention provided to the users, the status of the scheduled tasks and check the documentation exchanged with the users.

Furthermore, the new functionalities of My Energy App will allow to gather, access and analise data on energy and climate vulnerability in Barcelona, thus providing information and lessons learned to improve and guide future policymaking on climate and energy vulnerability.

The creation of the tool will be the result of a co-design process, validation with experts, and an exploratory study on the needs of the EACs and EACs’ users that will aim to define the requirements and functionalities of the app.