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Recomanacions polítiques

Policy recommendations

The implementation of My Energy App and the Climate Vulnerability Map will allow the Climate Ready Barcelona project to gather knowledge and data about the climate vulnerability in Barcelona’s municipality.

This knowledge and the lessons learned will make it possible to build a series of policy recommendations aimed at public policy makers at the local, national and EU level. The aim is to promote the adoption of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in housing policies, building energy rehabilitation programs and energy sovereignty plans.

The policy recommendations are accompanied by a set of activities aimed at involving stakeholders and influencing political decision-making at the local, national and European level

Workshops, webinars and information sessions for people involved in political decision-making.

An advocacy campaign to promote the adoption of the policy recommendations.

Executive summaries to communicate policy recommendations and guide the design of public incentives and subsidies related to housing and climate resilience.

An action plan for adaptation to climate change and to identify the vulnerable areas of the municipality, as well as to define strategies and actions to improve adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

Recomanacions polítiques climate ready barcelona